torsdag 21. mai 2009

Litt humor oppi alt som skjer om dagen .

Fantastisk engelsk kommer jeg med idag.

"It wåss dæven døtte meg close ass..vell vell,vi have to see how the rest of the race go"
"I had a stop in the start"
"i had to go off the road,to save the car"
"I drove over the hill"
"I`m driving round the corner, and crash in the christmas tree."
"It's not the fart that kills you, it's the smell"

"I had bad pigs in my dekk"
"It was a moose in the engine"
"It's not only only, but but"
"It wåss so møch dog on the window"
"When i keim around the kårner, it all went to Hælvette"
" The car understyrt ænd i was going strait fram"
"I just take full fart and Drive"
" It all went to hell in a verry crap sving!"